Christine’s approach to patient care is to ensure each client is given self treatment techniques that can be practiced independently.  Pivot PTC provides:

  • Orthopedic physical therapy (musculoskeletal therapies) to address recent or chronic injuries and headaches. 
  • Balance improvement interventions, including diagnosis and treatment for issues that produce dizziness or vertigo.
  • Bike Fit, a detailed mechanical assessment that provides solutions for complaints that arise while cycling on roads or trails. 
  • Performance physical therapy to improve athletic performance and fitness.


Turning away from pain and injury, and towards full health 

Chronic pain or more recent injuries - even the ones we try to shrug off -  can prevent us from truly enjoying the activities we love, or from performing well at work. Pivot Physical Therapy Center’s focus is to restore your body to its optimum potential so you regain the quality of life you deserve. Through our guided sessions and exercise prescriptions designed to work wherever you are, you’ll be turning towards your strongest self, and away from a life sidelined by pain. 


Patient-focused care means better, faster results and a practitioner you can rely on

Pivot Physical Therapy Center will always treat patients like the friends and neighbors they are.  Christine believes the key to effective treatment is taking the time to understand the multiple factors that may be contributing to your condition, as well as your health goals for the future. When you turn to Pivot for treatment, you’re turning to a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner you can rely on.